The Home Facial Experience is meant to improve the appearance of acne, congestion, pigmentation, sun damage, elasticity, texture, fine lines and overall aging skin. 

Once a week over the next 12 weeks, you’ll use six of my most potent products together in the exact order given to reveal a glowing and gorgeous complexion. 

Please remember each person’s skin is unique, much like a fingerprint. So are each individual’s concerns, goals and expectations.  I ask that you be patient, as every individual’s results and experience will vary depending on lifestyle, products used in the past, current state of the skin and health, how much hidden damage or congestion is below the skin’s surface, skin sensitivity, how consistent you are with your regimen and how you apply the products. 

I hope you’ll be ecstatic with your results over time!  I also hope you’ll learn to be kinder to yourself and rather than focusing on whatʼs “wrong” with your face, notice what you appreciate and the positive improvements you see. 

My goal is to under promise and over deliver. That being said, I ask you to understand that no product on the market is going to undo years of sun damage or other skin concerns overnight. Itʼs a process that is best accomplished with patience, a positive mindset and consistency, much like a new workout or diet. 

Please make sure the HFE is right for you.

The Home Facial Experience is right for you if:

  1. You’re willing to be consistent and stick with the program for 12 weeks in order to achieve optimal results.
  2. You want to minimize the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation, breakouts, congestion and oiliness while improving skin tone, texture and elasticity.
  3. You want a glowing, gorgeous complexion that grows brighter and tighter over time.
  4. You are patient and understand that real results are achieved over time. Skin needs time to repair, reverse and recover from issues associated with acne, PIH, congestion, pigmentation, lines and overall aging.  There are no overnight “miracles” or “cures.”
  5. You understand that NO program on the market today is “guaranteed” to work, and those that offer a blanket guarantee are questionable. We don’t believe in false advertising or over-promising, but prefer to under promise and over deliver. Depending on your skin condition, results will vary.
  6. You understand that results of the HFE will not be the same as a professional treatment.
  7. You have used active products in the past without complications or reactions.
  8. You’re willing to look worse temporarily before your skin condition improves. Purging is a normal response and is often necessary, especially for those with acne or extreme oiliness.  Peeling, redness and dryness are also possible reactions as your skin is stimulated and adjusts to new products.
  9. You’re willing to use SPF 30 or above daily, reapplying as instructed. Actives tend to make us more sensitive to the sun, and pigmentation can worsen if skin is not well protected at all times.


Some companies don’t mention all of the potential side effects, as their main motivation is sales. We pride ourselves on being transparent. Our intention in sharing this detailed information is to educate you on our system so that you can make the best decision for yourself and your skin.


Please know that all of our products are thoroughly tested and carefully curated with your results in mind. Thousands of customers use and love these products.  We also use all of the products in our spa facial treatments. 


The Home Facial Experience is not for you if:

  1. You’re already using a regime that’s working well.
  2. You’re pregnant or breastfeeding.
  3. You are under a doctor’s care and using either topical acne medication or have been on Accutane within the past 9 months.
  4. You are already using strong acids or active products.
  5. You are sensitive to any of the active ingredients in the system, allergic to aspirin, or allergic to Salicylic Acid.
  6. You’ve received a professional peel, laser treatment or cosmetic procedure that removes the top layer of skin within the past 3 months. 
  7. Your skin is extremely sensitive, dry or dehydrated.
  8. You’re not willing to follow the directions or give the system the full 12 weeks to work. 


We stand behind our products and treatments 100% and will only sell you the system if you are a good candidate. We want you to be happy with your results and our system.


However, results do vary.  


Please note, because the HFE combines many potent ingredients and strengths that you use all at once,  that your skin will go through a process of transformation much like it does when you receive a professional facial. 

Possible purging, peeling, dryness, redness, skin becoming worse before it gets better, and overall sensitivity are normal and to be expected when using this type of system.  


Complete application instructions and post care will be emailed to you soon once you purchase.


Before purchasing the HFE, please note that Montarbo Skincare and Cody Montarbo LLC are not responsible for, skin sensitivity, redness or irritation, darkening of the skin, new acne breakouts, acne purging, allergic reactions, scarring, or any other reaction caused by improper use. This system is strong and not for everyone. By purchasing you agree to use the HFE at your own risk and as directed. 

Returns will not be accepted, (only a partial store credit will be given if products are not opened) and only if we feel that you can prove that our system was not a good fit for you.  All possible concerns and or reactions listed throughout our site does not qualify you for a store credit as we have stated multiple times that our system is strong and not for everyone. 


If you have any concerns or abnormal issues while using the HFE, or believe that you're having a possible allergic reaction, please discontinue use immediately and email us at montarboskincare@gmail.com. See your doctors if symptoms persist beyond 3 days. 


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