Posted by Cody Montarbo on Apr 9th 2018

The anti-aging industry is full of over promised claims but few documented studies and facts. Most of my industry only cares about selling you another product that you just don't need. 

That's why they often use hype, manipulative sales tactics, and third-party endorsements to make you think this newest ingredient or "magic pill"  is going to change your life. 

Don't get lost in the hype, pretty packaging or advertisements with celebrities who have never used the product. (You're smarter than that. ) Also, please don't fall for the newest kid on the block promising the "best" science and the "most" advanced ingredients made from moon dust from the first moon landing. Girl, please! I can't. 

It all boils down to how a product is formulated which cost big bucks. Many, if not most companies, spend more money on packaging then they do on the actual formulation process. And trust me, it's a process. If the active ingredient is not formulated with the right concentrations or technology, it won't penetrate or do what it "promises." 

Use products and ingredients like Retinol that are proven. Products that are trusted and researched over a long period of time to deliver results.  

Retinol (vitamin A) is one of them and is my go-to product. It is an essential antioxidant for your skin’s cells with many proven benefits that are documented. 

Here are a few benefits: 

  • It adds smoothness to your facial skin and makes pores and lines less visible. The skin looks healthier looking over time. 
  • Helps skin tone to appear more even and brighter with regular use.
  • It stimulates collagen production in the skin cells. After several weeks or months, it can make wrinkles and sun damage appear less visible.
  • Promotes the renewal of the skin cells making your skin glow.
  • Retinol is also an excellent first line of defense against acne. Retinol helps reduce sebum production and keeps the skin more balanced minimizing new breakouts. 
  • It is also helpful and repairing pigmentation and correcting solar damage in the deeper layer of the skin where the real damage is hiding. 

I consider retinol to be an essential ingredient in my regime for glowing and gorgeous that has the evidence to back it up. No hype needed. 

It’s there ever was a "magic" ingredients on the market, I'd say Retinol would be it. 

I urge you to add this to your beauty regimen sooner than later. Best to be used three time a week at night if tolerated. 

Have a blessed spring and remember to always stay gorgeous! 

Cody Montarbo