Lactic Brightening Treatment

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Instantly makes skin brighter, flawless and more youthful-looking helping you to achieve multiple skincare goals quickly. 

With a plethora of chemical peels, facial exfoliants and skin brighteners on the market, you have to pray to the skincare gods hoping for results you'll actually notice.  

However, with our Lactic Brightening Treatment, your prayers are answered the moment you allow your skin to drink in this transformative treatment.  

Not all lactic peel solutions are created equal, and neither is the skin. Each person’s skin, much like a fingerprint, is unique to that person. Finding the right peel solution that won’t traumatize your unique skin “print” is important for achieving optimal, lasting results.

Lactic acid is one of the most transformative peel solutions I use because it plays well with most skin types and offers many benefits. 


  • Gently exfoliates skin for a clearer, healthier looking complexion so you look radiant 
  • Brightens pigmentation, melasma and sun damaged skin giving you the confidence to wear less makeup
  • Instantly tightens the skin for a poreless, luminous glow so you can rock a selfie without a filter
  • Discourages breakouts, oil and congestion so you feel clean and clear
  • Attracts water to the skin, helping to plump fine lines so you don't feel dry
  • Allows other products to penetrate deeper into the skin so you get more bang for your buck with even affordable products

The Lactic Brightening Treatment makes your complexion brighter, tighter and healthier looking over time. Many clients use it as a weekly refresher, a chemical peel prep, or simply to slay a selfie without using a bogus filter. This is one powerful yet gentle  product designed to instantly illuminate your assets!

Click here to learn how to apply or watch the video below. 

How to use:

Remember, less is more. The more product you use, the more dryness and exfoliation will occur. At first, it's best to use only once or twice a week until you build up a tolerance. No more than 3 times a week is recommended if you're using other exfoliating agents or acne products, as excess irritation may occur.


  1. Dispense 6 to 10 drops onto flat cotton and apply one pass to your face much like a toner.
  2. Allow first pass to absorb.
  3. Then dispense a few more drops of Lactic onto cotton and lightly buff solution into your skin back and forth concentrating on areas in need of more exfoliation or brightening.
  4. Allow product to absorb for 3-10 minutes depending on tolerance.  Rinse anytime if you're unable to tolerate the tingling sensation. 
  5. If you feel more advanced, leave on skin for up to 10 mins then apply our Beauty Elixir, 12% Vitalizing Vitamin C Serum, or apply your fav product.


Who it’s for:

All skin types except those who are extremely sensitive or sensitive to AHA acids. Great for weekly exfoliation to improve clarity, discoloration, texture and overall brightness. May be used as a home facial exfoliant, light chemical peel, chemical peel prep or toner to help instantly tighten and brighten skin before a hot date or night on the town with the girls. 

What's in it:

Purified Water, 10% Concentrated Lactic Acid.

What to know and expect:

Skin may become a little red, itchy, dry, flaky or peeling. Mild acne bumps or purging can occur on certain skin types that have hidden congestion below the surface of the skin. Please understand that certain active agents with AHA, such as this product, can also cause acne flare ups when no acne is currently present. 

SPF 30 or above be worn daily during use, as this product increases sun sensitivity.


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