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Instantly improve the quality of your skin at home once a week with our NEW Mini Peel Kit. This kit contains everything your skin needs to give yourself a powerful treatment at home with beautiful results and minimal downtime.

Used professionally in our office on thousands of clients to help them achieve brighter, tighter, and a more flawless looking complexion. 

Each product contains proven active ingredients that effortlessly exfoliates and lifts your most troubling concerns from breakouts, blemishes, pigmentation, and aging skin.

With continued use, this also helps alleviate deeper levels of damage in the skin.

When each product is used together in the exact order given below, your skin has the potential to become transformed, much like seeing a professional.

These products are robust, do not use this kit if you are sensitive, using other topical or oral medications like Retin A and Accutane, sensitive to salicylic acid or AHA’s, or pregnant.


  • Instantly brightens and exfoliates the skin safely over the week allowing your skin to become more healthy, glowing, and gorgeous.
  • Improves the overall quality and look of your complexion, giving you the power to wear little to no makeup confidently.
  • Regenerates new skin cells, much like Vitamin A, so the skin becomes noticeably more youthful-looking and radiant.
  • Transforms stubborn skin concerns with powerful active ingredients with minimal downtime without seeing a professional.
  • Improves breakouts, blemishes, and blackheads with consistent use so you can stop stressing over your skin and get back to having more fun in your life.
  • Brightens and lightens dark acne spots, PIH, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and other forms of discoloration giving you the power to leave the house without makeup on.

Who’s it for:

Normal to oily skin types or those who want to dramatically improve the quality of their skin at home once a week.

At Montarbo Skincare, our goal is always to under promise and over deliver. That said, we ask you to remember that no product can undo years of blemishes, sun damage or other skin concerns overnight. Itʼs a process that's best accomplished with patience and consistency, much like a new workout or diet.

What to know and expect: 

  1. The skin will transform over the week becoming more dry, flaky or peely depending on your skin type and tolerance. After one week your skin will be back to normal and ready to repeat the peel process again. Typically if you are struggling with several skin concerns that you are trying to improve, you may need to use this kit for up to 6 weeks but it may be unnecessary if you are happy with your results sooner. 
  2. Mild sensitivity. If you become "too" sensitive, adjust your usage. Use less product during application or use only once a week until your skin builds up a tolerance. Only you know your skin, so trust what feels right.
  3. Sun sensitivity. SPF 30 or higher must be used and reapplied when using any of our products as they are active.
  4. Mild acne purging. If you have hidden acne or congestion below the surface of the skin, the Mini Peel Kit will start to pull it up and out of the skin. This is actually desirable in order to clear and clean your skin. Or if this occurs, the product may be too strong for you. In this case, use less product during application or skip a week and treat every two weeks.
  5. Skin looks worse before it looks better. This is actually a good sign that the product is working to transform the hidden damage below the surface of the skin. Try to be patient and use a quality moisturizer 2 times a day along with plenty of SPF. Remain positive and optimistic.
  6.  Sensitivity can occur if you are sensitive to acids, stronger ingredients or you've applied the products too aggressively and used more than directed.

 Please remember that each person's skin is unique, much like a fingerprint, so are each individual's concerns, goals and expectations. We ask that you remain patient. Individual results vary depending on lifestyle, products used in the past, current state of the skin and health, how much hidden damage or congestion is below the skin's surface, skin sensitivity, how consistent you are with your regimen and how you apply the product.

 We hope you'll be ecstatic with your results over time! We also hope you'll learn to be kinder to yourself and rather than focusing on whatʼs "wrong" with your face, notice what you appreciate and the positive improvements you see even if they're small. If at anytime you need help or have any concerns, we are always here to help you get the best results.

Cautions: If you have sensitive skin, are new to exfoliation and strong AHA products, this product may not be for you. 

How to use: Before starting, be sure to have all makeup, oil, and dirt off the skin before using this set.

 Step 1. 

Wear gloves provided in kit. Apply 3-6 pumps of Advanced Exfoliating Cleanser onto clean, dry skin massaging for 30-45 seconds concentrating on areas of concern. Feel free to use more cleanser if you are very oily or advanced. Many feel the activity of this cleanser right away. This is normal and a good sign of a highly concentrated product. 

Step 2.  

Rinse face with cold water and gently dab skin dry. 

 Step 3. 

Apply 10 drops of Salicylic Acid Treatment to the 2x2 cotton square provided. Apply first pass all over the skin much like a toner, making sure you are removing all oil, dirt, or leftover makeup. Be sure to focus on the outer perimeter of the face, such as the hairline, jaw, and ears, and do a thorough job removing all debris. Allow the first application to absorb. 

 Step 4. 

Apply another 10 drops to cotton and work solution into the skin by buffing cotton back and forth, focusing on troubled areas. Continue to use what’s left on cotton by pressing into the troubled areas that you want more results. Be sure the skin has fully absorbed the solution before proceeding to step 5. ( At this point, you may start feeling more activity and tightening which is to be expected.) 

 Step 5.

Grab a new cotton square and apply 10 drops of the Advanced Lactic Brightening Treatment and apply to skin like a toner. Then swipe cotton back and forth to get an even coat of absorption to the entire face. Continue to rub and buff solution into the skin concentrating on areas of concern. Allow the first pass of the solution to absorb.You may rinse the Lactic solution off at any time if the activity is too strong. 

 Stop here if you feel this treatment was strong enough or proceed to the next step if you want more exfoliation. It is recommended to leave the solution on your skin so it can improve any hidden damage below the surface. 

Typically depending on your skin type, the Lactic solution will deactivate in 10 minutes and the tingling sensation will subside unless you have been using other active products. 

 Step 6. 

Apply another 10 drops of Advanced Lactic Brightening Treatment to the cotton square and work the solution into the skin by buffing cotton back and forth focusing on troubled areas. Again, you will repeat the process of applying even coat to skin and more on concerns. Allow this pass to absorb. It is ideal to also leave this application on but you may rinse if it is too much. 

 Wear Spf 30 moisturizer that is included in the kit every day to hydrate and protect skin while using these products. Your skin will become more vulnerable while using aha acids, so it is important to keep it protected to maintain results. 


What you'll receive in your kit for a limited time: 

  • 1.6 oz Advanced Exfoliating Cleanser ( $22.5 value) 
  • 2 oz Advanced Lactic Brightening Treatment ( $36 value) 
  • 2 oz Salicylic Acid Treatment ( $24 value) 
  • 2 oz Daily Moisture With SPF 30 ( $33 value) 
  • Free shipping ($8.50 value)
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