Pigmentation Brightening Treatment ( NEW FORMULA)

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Brightening pigmentation can be a complicated, challenging process but it is possible. Pigmentation is usually a sign of premature aging due to sun exposure, resulting in sun spots, patchy freckles, uneven skin tone and large spots of melasma on the cheeks, forehead and above the lips. 

Our NEW Pigmentation Brightening Treatment features our unique, synergistic blend of Alpha Arbutin, Kojic, Acid, Licorice, Vitamin C, 2% Hydroquinone and other powerful antioxidants that help prevent and brighten existing pigmentation on contact. This safe, effective cream brightens pigmentation and improves skin tone while improving hydration.  

Feeling radiant and more confident in your skin without needing to hide discoloration with makeup, begins here!

One of the best ways to prevent pigmentation is to consistently protect the skin before it occurs. Most of us can prevent or reduce the most stubborn pigmentation issues by wearing adequate sunscreen and re-applying it throughout the day. Every two hours is ideal. Use products with high quality ingredients in active percentages to prevent melanin production. 


While our exclusive brightening products provide visible results, please remember that patience is necessary for reducing stubborn pigmentation (just like anything good in life!). But it is certainly worth the wait. If you’d like to see optimal results as quickly as possible, use with Advanced Lactic Brightening Treatment and Beauty Elixir.


  • Brightens skin’s overall appearance with powerful antioxidants and natural skin brighteners like Kojic Acid and Alpha-Arbutin so you can feel proud of your complexion wearing less makeup during the day
  • Minimizes and lightens sun spots, pigmentation, discoloration and post-acne scarring giving you the freedom to show off your gorgeous complexion with absolute confidence 
  • Lightens dark eyelids and under eye circles so you feel and look more vibrant, radiant and youthful looking without the need for thick undereye concealer
  • Hydrates thirsty skin from dehydration allowing your skin to feel more plump, nourished and hydrated


Who it’s for:

Ideal for those want to safely brighten uneven skin, discoloration, pigmentation, dark spots after a breakout and or abnormal PIH with minimal irritation or peeling.


How to use:

Use twice daily on clean skin on areas of concern. Allow to absorb into skin for 5 minutes before applying other skincare products. Avoid sun exposure and always wear an SPF when using this product.


What’s in it:

Purified Water, Jojoba oil, 2% Hydroquinone, polyacrylamide, Alpha-Arbutin, Isoparaffin, Kojic Acid, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, Squalane, Licorice Root, Apricot Kernel Oil, Glycerin, Niacinamide, Sodium Hyaluronate, Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Metabisulfite, Laureth-7, Ethylhexylglycerin,Phenoxyethanol 



What to know and expect:

When brightening pigmentation, melasma and discoloration, one must be patient. Uneven skin tone is often a challenge to treat and requires adequate time. This product offers optimal results when used with our Advanced Lactic Acid Brightening Treatment, Advanced Exfoliating Cleanser and our Beauty elixir or Vitalizing Vitamin B & C Serum. 


1.00 Ounces