Skin can become discolored due to acne scarring, hormonal changes, excess sun exposure and aging. While this can be a challenging condition to correct, you’ve come to the right place!  

Our pigment products are effective alone when used consistently, or for more dramatic, immediate results, combine with the appropriate peel for your skin type.

Brightening pigmentation can often be a complicated and challenging process. Pigmentation is usually a sign of premature aging due to sun exposure, resulting in sun spots, patchy freckles, uneven skin tone and large spots of melasma on the cheeks, forehead and above the lips.


One of the best ways to prevent pigmentation is to consistently protect the skin before it occurs. Most of us can prevent or reduce the most stubborn pigmentation issues by wearing adequate sunscreen and re-applying it throughout the day. Every two hours is ideal if you're outside. Use products with high quality ingredients in active percentages to prevent melanin production. 

We have carefully curated a group of tested, proven pigmentation brightening products our clients trust to make the process simpler and easier.